Brainstorming Product Names

Every product needs to have a catchy and memorable name that also describes what it is or does.  Our personal air bag deserves a good name, so at one of our meetings we threw out all the names we could think of. All names were considered and some of them made us laugh. Some names were too silly to merit strong consideration. Our top choice was Fall Safe. All our possibilities are listed below.

The Good

  1. Fall Safe
  2. Hip Saver
  3. Hip Shield
  4. Hip Keeper
  5. Crash Guard
The  Mediocre
  1. Fracture Friend
  2. Body Bumper
  3. Balloon Belt
  4. Slip Stopper
  5. Hip Guard
The Bad
  1. Bone Balloon
  2. Butt Bubble
  3. Fall Friend
  4. Hip Bumper
The Absolute Worst
  1. Body Bag (this one made everyone laugh but would be a terrible name for obvious reasons)

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