Fall Safe Effectiveness Diagram

We all drew diagrams of how the Fall Safe would work. The team chose William's drawing to represent our idea. Thousands of seniors fall and break bones each year. The hardest to recover from and live independently is the hip fracture. Many seniors who break a hip never regain their mobility. Our Fall Safe is a portable air bag belt worn around the hips that will deploy in a fall to cushion the pelvis and prevent fractures.

Benefits of Wearing Fall Safe
  1. Protect hips from fracture
  2. Improve quality of life by helping seniors be more mobile
  3. Security and confidence in wearer that they are safe from fracture
  4. Save on medical costs and extended care
Disadvantages  of Fall Safe
  1. User must actively wear product
  2. Does not protect head or arms
  3. must be repacked after deployment

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