Terabyte Victory at Qualifier

Mascot Dave, Will, Sterling and Britton- L to R

Our team emerged victorious from the qualifying round on January 5. We spent five hours preparing the night  before, surviving on fruit snacks and Cheezits. After getting up at 6:00 a.m. to go to the competition, we saw that we had plenty of pit space and we ran home to get our field table.

Since there were no extra practice tables, It was very helpful to have our own table with us. As the scoreboard shows, our first robot round was a complete disaster.

Terabytes on top
Things went wrong at every turn, and we ended up getting only 75 points. Our third round was also less than stellar, but we got a respectable 195 points. Our true triumph was the second round, when we came away with the top score of 295 points which the earned us the "Robot Performance" award.

WIll and Sterling (Britton had to leave before trophies were awarded)
Our judging sessions also went well. Our robot attracted the attention of several teams, and the judges also liked our designs and ideas. The project judges fell in love with our FallSafe, and they told us to start a company to make the product someday. (We were surprised by this). We also did well in our Core Values judging.
Check out our swag!
Due to our great performance in all areas, we also received the "Champion" award. Overall, our first level of competition went very well. We will be going to the state level of competition on January 26.

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