State Championship Aftermath

At the state round, our team did very well, though we did not advance. Our project and Core Values poster received high marks from the judges, who were also very impressed with our robot design and programming. Our first round of the robot game was our best by far. We had a nearly perfect run, totaling at an impressive 345 points (our best score in the qualifier was 295, yet we placed first by over 70 points). We placed in the top 15 in the robot game, and the top 10 or even 5 in the other areas of judging. We estimate that we were most likely in the top 10 teams over all. We did not advance, but out of 221 teams in the state, top 10 is to be considered an ultimate victory for the Terabytes.

Now that the season is over and all three team members exceed the maximum age for FLL, the team has essentially been disbanded. This is not the end for the Terabytes, as we still see each other often, but from now on this blog will be maintained by Will (that being myself). This notification should keep readers from being confused by posts written in first person. I will use this archive to show off personal feats of robotics and mechanical engineering, review and modify Lego sets, and possibly record outside endeavors, too. I hope you enjoy the new format.

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