Finally, a Lego Store In Utah!

It's been seven years since I last visited a Lego store, in Disneyland California. All I remember about it is that they had Mars Mission a month before it came out everywhere else. Since then, I have waited patiently, wondering if a store would ever be built close enough to visit regularly. Now the wait is over, and there is a Lego store practically on my doorstep: Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah.(Its location can be found here.)

The new store is smaller than the others I have seen, but it still has everything a Lego store should: walls full of boxes, sets in display cases, even tiny displays embedded in the walls, only visible through small holes. And, of course, the signature wall of pieces. The selection isn't great, but it's a pretty good deal if you find yourself in need of those particular bricks.
The walls full of different sets

The wall of bricks

This display contains large insects.

This one is a movie theater full of minifigures.
This one has butterflies in several colors.

I attended the grand opening on October 4th. there were so many people there, they handed out tickets and issued updates whenever another group was permitted inside. It was about an hour and a half wait, so we went hunting for series 11 minifigures (I found them at a different store and came away with seven: the Blacktron robot, the yeti, the climber, the tribal warrior, the barbarian, the scarecrow, and the welder), and then went out to dinner. By the time we got back, it was time to go inside. Inside, there were tables where anyone could build random stuff, and also a stand where custom minifigures can be made and purchased (also slim selection, but fun). I talked to an employee for a while, and he was impressed that I could give the name of any set he described (particularly space sets from 1988 on). Any in attendance could also witness and assist in the construction of an eight foot Hulk sculpture. It was about half finished when I went.

The custom minifigure table

One of several tables of random stuff

The sculpture is constructed of scaled-up bricks made of many smaller ones.

This is a scaled-down version of the monstrous sculpture.
All in all, I am very excited to have a Lego store so nearby, and I plan to go regularly. Happy building!


  1. So wonderful to have a Lego store in Utah! The only bad thing is, being in this store makes me want to spend lots of money!

  2. Can't wait to go back when it's not so crowded!

  3. Can't wait to go and see the wall of bricks for myself. Great post!