Lego Winter Village

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I deem it acceptable to put up Christmas decorations. My biggest contribution to the decoration at my house is my Winter Village Lego sets. My collection currently consists of the Winter Village Toy Shop (10199), Winter Village Bakery (10216), Winter Village Post Office (10222), and Winter Village Cottage (10229). Over the last few years, the collection has grown more and more spectacular. The Cottage is the newest addition, acquired only a month ago. I do not yet own the Winter Village Market (10235), since I buy one per year and I'm a year behind. This is due to the fact that the Toy Shop completely sold out in the first year of its running, so I couldn't get it until the following year. To this day the Toy Shop is extremely desirable, fetching anywhere up to two hundred dollars or more online.
The display as seen from a low angle

The Post Office (left) and the Toy Shop (right) behind the
skating pond and massive Christmas tree.

The Cottage, flanked by an army of skiers and carolers

I love the Winter Village sets because they have such a festive feel, and each contributes something new to the setup. Each set (with the exception of the Market, which isn't exactly a "building"), includes a yellow light brick, which casts light through the windows and further enhances the atmosphere. In its current state, the display has everything from a community tree to an ice skating pond, with swarms of child minifigures running about.
Saxophone and banjo players occupy the gazebo from the Post Office

Legs stick out of a snow bank on the ice pond from the Bakery,
which was advertised to include "7.5 Minifigures".

Presents from multiple sets adorn the Toy Shop's tree

The Cottage, with its shed, igloo, and snow plow

The Cottage's shed features a firewood pile and chainsaw

Skaters enjoy the pond while a minifig with a snowball prepares
to ambush his unsuspecting prey

I threw in the Christmas Tree Stand, which was a promotional
set for 2013

The horse-drawn carriage from the Bakery delivers a tree

Another shot of the Toy Shop's tree

Four skiers: two from the Toy Shop, two from the Cottage

The mail truck from the Post Office

All in all, I think the Winter Village sets are a very worthwhile investment. When displayed together, they are quite a spectacle and will enhance the festivity of any setting. However, you may not want to shell out for a Toy Shop, as they are extremely expensive. (The same thing happened with the modular buildings; I don't think I'll ever get Cafe Corner). Be sure to enjoy your holiday season, and happy building!

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  1. What a great Christmas set up...very fun and festive! Thanks for sharing!