DIY Haunted House

Since the actual Lego Haunted House (10228-1) is no longer available (I tried in September; my order was canceled due to excessive demand for the product), I decided to take matters into my own hands. Noticing that my prized Green Grocer (10185-1) has many of the sand-green pieces used in the official set, I decided it was a prime candidate for sacrifice.

After dismantling the entire modular building (not easy on the fingertips, that), I got to work. Following a further several hours of building, rebuilding and building some more, I was satisfied. I even have the Ghostbusters (21108-1) to lay siege!

Those familiar with the original set will notice that I used many techniques and styling elements from the original set. Indeed I did make some areas structurally similar, but a number of things are pleasingly different. Lacking the shutter pieces that can be mounted at peculiar angles, I resorted to boarding on top of the shuttered windows instead. I was most proud of the third-floor window, which has two boards mounted at opposing angles. Fortunately, I was able to find enough dark-tan 1x2 masonry bricks to achieve the peeling-paint effect from the actual set.
This picture better displays the extra side porch, which also features crumbling steps.
More visible also is the wraparound porch on the second floor, which connects to
the bedroom. I pirated the skeleton-leg-and-hammer railing from the Green Grocer.

This one shows the step detailing of the front porch.

Here is the fully furnished interior, featuring a bed frame, clock, kitchen, bookshelf
and several other details.

Kitchen, fireplace, smokestack, spiderweb and crumbling floor tiles

More tiles, dishware rack, clock, bookshelf, bed frame (with dead guy),
curtains, and boxes and crates on the top floor

The building is built on two plates with hinge plates, opening in a similar fashion to the actual set.
Note also the roof access door.

And lastly, how better to display it than amongst the other modular buildings, with a Ghostbuster invasion to boot?

I had a lot of fun with this one. While I do realize that not everyone has Green Grocer (It's currently much more expensive than the Haunted House, in fact), I think it could be easily done with any number of other buildings. The builder is only limited by his or her own imagination.
 Happy Building!