The Lego Americana Roadshow - Totally Awesome!

This past month I had the opportunity to visit Fashion Place Mall in Utah, one of the locations for the traveling Lego Americana Roadshow exhibition. The Roadshow features a dozen massive, highly detailed scale models of some of the most iconic buildings in the United States, including the White House, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and many more. The Roadshow will continue traveling until November of this year, to locations which I will list later. But first, some pictures for your viewing pleasure!
Independence Hall, complete with clocks

The Capitol Building--This one is a monster! It measures over twenty feet wide and six tall,
and detailed down to the window sills. Very Impressive.

Though simple in shape, the Washington Monument is unique in that it measures
over fourteen feet tall, by far the tallest model in the exhibit.

The Liberty Bell--ACTUAL SIZE! It reminded me very much of the time I saw the real thing,
and it's even backlit and therefore very hard to photograph, just like the real thing.

The Supreme Court Building, with myself provided for scale

The Statue of Liberty-- not as tall as the Washington monument,
but incredibly detailed. The brickwork on the pedestal is astounding.

A statue detail on the Supreme Court Building

Notice those same statues in proportion to the rest of the building

The White House--surprisingly complete with all of the extensions and out-buildings, thereby making it an impressive
feat of construction.
Throughout the exhibit I took the time to study the buildings up close, finding many interesting details and unusual pieces.
Detail from the Supreme Court--Yes, those are croissants. In white. I have no idea how long it took to
round up 200 already-rare white croissants, but somehow they did. Job well done.

Fabric detail from the Statue of Liberty-- it is extremely difficult to make rectangular bricks
look like smooth, flowing fabric, but these master builders definitely delivered!

This is a wall detail from the Old North Church, which is built almost entirely
out of rare dark-tan bricks. Masonry bricks are evenly spaced to look like peeling
paint over brickwork, and a very nice use of a radar dish as a window!
Along with the many famous buildings, there were several tiny displays of seemingly randomly themed scenes involving high quantities of minifigures wreaking havoc on one another.
This is a miniaturized version of the mall where the exhibition was held-- just
look at the tiny Capitol Building in the center!

This one was a space-mining operation. A personal point of
interest is the days-without-accident sign.

This one was a winter scene with a ski lift and a massive snowman construction project.

As stated previously, the Roadshow runs until November, traveling to various locations throughout the United States. The schedule for the remainder of the year is as follows:

Mall Locations:
Stonebriar Mall, Frisco, TX:  May 23 – June 7
Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa, WI:  June 12 -28
Kenwood Town Center, Cincinnati, OH:  July 3-19
Riverchase Galleria, Hoover, AL:  August 20 – September 7
Northpoint Mall, Alpharetta, GA:  September 17 – October 4
Christiana Mall, Newark, DE:  October 15 – November 1

If you have a chance to get to any of these locations during the exhibition, I highly recommend doing so! These titanic models put a playful and innovative Lego twist on historical icons, and it's almost like touring the East Coast without even going far. Happy Building!