The Annihilator Suit

Upon searching for something to build, I happened to stumble on my old Exo-Force sets from a number of years ago. While Exo-Force was never really my favorite theme, it offered an excellent array of new, strange and fantastic parts, which immediately drew me in. Many of these pieces lent themselves well to large robotic structures (that being the premise of the theme,) so I used them to construct my own attack mech. Personally, I think it turned out quite well, but I'll let you see for yourself.
And here it is: The Annihilator! This monstrosity uses mainly pieces from
the Thunder Fury (7702) but includes parts from a solid eight other sets.

The legs and hips of the model are joined to the torso and shoulders by a rotating
drum, allowing the robot to turn at the waist as well as at standard limb joints.
The bank of guns on the right arm are mounted on two axes of hinges, allowing it
to move quite freely around the underside of the forearm and making for excellent

The fuel drums attached to the shoulders are likewise mounted on two hinges, allowing
them to stick out at the desired angle no matter where the shoulder is positioned.

Yes, there is also a pilot! This shot shows the cockpit with only the top panel
hinged up, and the next one shows it fully opened. Note that I mounted the 1x2x3
slope bricks at unusual angles to achieve full closure of the cockpit.
Here is our fearless mech pilot fully revealed. In total, there are six separate cockpit
panels which must be opened individually in order to fully open the pilot's seat.
WARNING: I think this one might be photoshopped.... *might*
But it provides a great picture of the mech as it would appear on duty on an alien planet.
In closing, this one was fun to build, even though it was extremely challenging to get the cockpit panels shaped the way I liked them. I hope that through sharing this model I have provided inspiration or even merely enjoyment; since I like how it turned out, I hope you do as well. Happy Building!

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  1. This mech is super cool. Way to go on creating another awesome design!