Infinite Stormtrooper March

Having recently learned how to use Adobe Flash (which is changing to Adobe Animate this year, so I'm already outdated), I created a relatively simple frame-based animation of a Stormtrooper walking endlessly down a lonely corridor, clearly on his way to somewhere. 

Because I could, of course. Why else?

Now I'd love to make the Imperial March play endlessly behind him, but unfortunately the GIF file format does not support sound, so you'll have to handle that part yourself. Just click on this to open the song in YouTube in another tab. You won't be sorry.

Just don't wait for him to get to wherever he's going, because you'll be waiting, um... forever. However, you might find yourself watching for a very long time anyway.

Happy Building!


  1. Haha, this is the best thing I have seen in a while!


    This might be a better version...